Senior Pictures – Keira – Class of 2016

Keira’s mom called me a few weeks back to schedule her senior pictures. Keira is a senior at West Scranton. Yearbook photos are due mid December, so we set a date. As luck would have it, it rained all day that day. Mom called me about an hour before the session and asked what we should do. After throwing a few ideas around, we decided to shoot at the Steamtown National Historical Site. She called them and they agreed to let us shoot inside the trolley museum, so off we went!

When we got there, the woman behind the information desk said we could pretty much go anywhere we wanted inside. I saw these huge windows lining one side of the building, so we decided to start there. These were shot more with the natural light coming in the window and just a little bit of flash to fill in the shadows. I had a certain look I was going for, even though I knew they would be a little grainy, or noisy, I still loved them!

senior pictures, scranton, west scrranton, skp senior pictures, scranton, west scrranton, skp

After these we moved on to the trolleys. I had never been in the museum before and it was neat to see the trolley cars. The museum itself is beautiful. Lots of old brick, wood and metal; all the things I love to shoot against.

senior pictures, nepa, west scranton senior pictures, nepa, west scranton

As the session came to an end, the rain had let up. We decided to run outside and take a few images on the tracks. If you have ever seen our social media pages, I am one for preaching against using train tracks for senior pictures. First of all, it’s illegal. Second of all, it’s very dangerous. Even if you use dead tracks, or tracks in a place like this, at a museum, where they lead right to the door of the building, the viewer won’t know that they are dead tracks and may try to recreate on live tracks. For that reason, I am putting a disclaimer on any image from this session on the tracks. Please do not crop or edit that out.

senior pictures, nepa, trolley museum, 570 senior pictures, nepa, trolley museum, 570



Ed took a panoramic shot of us shooting on the tracks to show that they were tracks that just led into the museum so they can get the train cars in and out. behind the scenes, skp, train shot, museum

We had a blast shooting Keira. Her and her mother were both so much fun!  I’m glad we ended up here at the museum. Different is always fun!