Photo Booth – Cabot Oil – Sandi K Photos

Another photo booth we did last week was for Cabot Oil’s Christmas Party.

So, we headed to the Hilton, which is always a nice place for an event. (even if I did walk into the glass wall and

give myself a concussion and a black eye the last time we worked there)

Christmas-Corporate-Photo-booth-Rentals-0031 Christmas-Corporate-Photo booth-Rentals-0001

After feasting on an awesome dinner, DJ Dennis got the party started. There were gag gifts and awards, gift

cards and of course the photo booth! We came loaded with our Christmas props along with some others.

Christmas-Corporate-Photo booth-Rentals-0003 Christmas-Corporate-Photo booth-Rentals-0010

For their event I chose 2×6 prints, a white background and I made them a custom border for their party. Ed always handled all of the photo booth details, including the borders, so this is something new for me. I really enjoy making them. I hope more of my clients in the future go with the custom designed borders.

If you are in charge of planning your work Christmas party, give me a call to get yours scheduled for next year. We’ve already had some bookings. The booth is so much fun! It’s a great addition to any party!