Senior Photos – Class of 2018

Senior photos? Why should I be thinking about senior photos now? We haven’t even finished the 2017 year yet! There are a few reasons to get a jump on senior photos.

  1. Senior year is BUSY!! So many things going on. Get your photos done early in the summer and get them out of the way.
  2. Spring sports. If you are in spring sports, it may be hard for you to get your uniform next year off season. Get them booked now, while you still have your uniform.
  3. Summer is busy. For many of you, this may be your last summer at home. Mom and dad are likely planning a vacation, you and your friends want to spend time together before everyone goes their separate ways. Get them done and out of the way before all of the summer activities start.
  4. Yearbook deadlines. Some schools have contracted photographers for the yearbook, and that’s fine! You can still use whoever you want for YOUR photos that you hand out to friends and family. If your school does NOT have a yearbook photographer, book your session early enough to give you time to pay them off and have them back in time to submit to the yearbook. I am super flexible with payment plans, so if it’s something you need, we can work that out.
  5. Early summer is generally cooler. You do not want to be doing your sessions in 100 degree heat. You will be dripping with sweat. That is not a good look for anyone! If you are looking for fall photos as well, we can always split the session. Half now, half in the fall.
  6. Photographers generally have the best deals in early summer. Our busy time is fall due to the foliage. We are usually busy with family photos, early Christmas and procrastinating seniors.
  7. Rescheduling can be done without panic. When you are ahead of the game, if the weather is bad, you can always reschedule and still be ok for yearbook deadlines. When you call a week before they are due, there is no time for rescheduling.

Your senior photo session can be done your way! Have a favorite place to hang out? Let’s do your session there! Play a sport or have a hobby? let’s incorporate it into your session! Seen my water sessions and want to do one of those? Great! They are really a lot of fun! Let’s do it!

With all of that being said, below is my Early Senior Session. Please give me a call or click through to my contact form and give me a call to book your session. I do only book 1 session per day, so I am limited in how many I can book.

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