Boudoir Dos and Don’ts

Boudoir sessions are something I love to do. I love when a woman comes in a little reserved, nervous, not knowing what to expect; kind of scared but willing to step out of her box a little bit. I know I’m doing a good job when by the end of the boudoir session she is totally into it, giving me her own poses, asking to try different things. Boudoir sessions are empowering. Done right, they will make you feel beautiful and sexy. Every woman is beautiful. It’s my job to help you see that in yourself.

Women do boudoir sessions for many different reasons. Some want to give a gift to their husband, future husband, or boyfriend. Some have hit their goal weight and want to see themselves in their new body. Some have beaten cancer. Some hit a birthday milestone and want to document that.

With that being said, here’s my fast and dirty “Rules of Boudoir Sessions”

  • Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! Especially the day before.
  • Get plenty of sleep the night before. No amount of photoshop can fix tired!
  • Come with moisturizer only on your face. I have an amazing makeup artist that I work with. They know how to hide blemishes and how to apply makeup for the camera. They are also my secret weapon for helping to relax you before we start shooting!
  • Have an open mind. Not every pose works on every woman. Pinning ideas on Pinterest is great, and I do it too. But, please know that your body shape, your height, the lighting used, and even the lens used for that shot you pinned is all different. We will try poses that may or may not work. If they don’t, we just move on and I’ll delete them later.
  • Shop at least a week before your session for outfits. Bring outfits that enhance your favorite areas and downplay the ones that are not so favorite. If you hate your arms, go for a long sleeved sweater or his favorite jersey. If you love your legs grab an awesome pair of high heels and let’s play them up!
  • Make sure all of your outfits give you proper support. This is a big one! Please make sure your clothing fits you properly.
  • Thigh high stockings should be a size or two big so they don’t cut into your leg. No one likes leg chub!
  • Bring shoes and accessories for your outfits. I do have some jewelry here to use, but Id rather you bring too much than to wish you brought something that you left behind.
  • Please have fingers and toenails either painted or all polish removed. Chipped nail polish is not attractive.
  • Have an open mind! The main goal for you, me and the makeup artist is to make you feel beautiful and sexy, and to have a fantastic time. Please trust us to help you do that.

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If you feel that boudoir is something you’d like to try, give me a call or send me an email so we can discuss it.

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