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Do we really need new head shots?

As the new year rolls in, there are many do overs in our lives. New goals. Get fit. Lose weight. Get more sleep. Kick start my business. All of these can also be reasons to get a new head shot. Take a look at your current head shot. Does it look dated? Has your hair style changed? Have you changed jobs?

A head shot is more than just a photo of you. It’s often the first impression of the type of person you are when someone clicks on your business page or linkedin profile. A good head shot should be looked at as an investment in your brand, which is YOU. It should give people an idea of your personality before they actually meet you. If you are a financial investor, you certainly won’t want a shot of you hanging out with your buddies partying it up. You’ll want something professional. But, if you are a DJ, maybe something like that would be ok. It’s all in how you want to be represented to your potential customers.

In fact, now that I’m talking about it and thinking back to what mine is, I REALLY need a new head shot! My last real head shot was probably¬†more than 2 years ago. I had really short hair, and I was a lot heavier. I even had different glasses. I look nothing like I do now. Back in the summer I caught a glimpse of it and grabbed a quick selfie, changed it and made a mental note to take a new one. Of course, I got busy and never did it. So, that is one of my New Year’s resolutions. Get myself a new head shot. If you’re ready for a new one, give me a call! I’d love to have you in to find something that fits YOU!


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